No more flying lures, hooks and sinkers and no more rod to rod tangles.

Aussie Lure Buddies

Catch fish and not yourselves, your carpet, car seats or your dog. And no one likes lures, hooks and sinkers coming undone and flying around. Our Aussie Lure Buddies fix those problems and make fishing so much safer.
Made by us here on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. They simply wrap around your rod and lure and cover the sharp hooks. They also stop lure/jig damage to your valuable fishing rods.

$10 each, in 3 sizes and 5
colours. Postage is $5 per order Australia wide. Order 10 or more (to the one address) and postage is free.

Easy to use and we make them tough as.

Perfect for travelling especially with kids and dogs.

And for those of you that just use a hook and sinker, all Aussie Lure Buddies come with a sinker pocket to stop those sinkers from flying around.

So simple to use...

Taking your rods on a charter boat or just going fishing with a mate...

Now with sinker pockets for just hooks and sinkers.

Our story...

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Exceptional quality!  They are strong and well designed.  Perfect for both securing a lure or hook and sinker.  Great for in the back of the car or in the boat.  Apart from the obvious benefit of stopping the lure bouncing around, it also provides safety for my young children and dog.

Marleigh Sayers... owner of Fishking clothing.

These are an awesome idea and save you time and frustration when you are onto a school of fish and need to get your line and lure into the water in an instant!  Well done guys!!!

Bec Rowlands... Mission Beach Charters.

Hi Guys, just a quick message in regards to the Aussie lure buddies I got from you.  I use them all the time now, great for pre rigging rods with lures, no more tangles or swinging lures.  Great for travelling in the car, no more trebles in the seats, I highly recommend this product!  Cheers, Noel.

Noel... happy customer.

HUGE Thank You Aussie Lure Buddies.  I was lucky enough to win one of the prize packs from the NQ Fishos competition and I couldn't be more impressed!  So well made and such a brilliant idea!  You will see by my photos in the comments on Facebook that my bloke recently had a mishap with one of his lures but we won't have that happen again now we have these bad boys.  Again thanks so much and I will definately be recommending them xo

Rae Maree... happy prize winner.

I can't tell you how many hundreds of times I've just stuck the rods in the back of my 4b. I can't tell you how many hundreds of times I've had to untangle the hooks from whatever else was in there, bent hooks, etc, no joy, wasted time instead of fishing, you know what I'm talking about. These have been a Game Changer for me, absolutely love them, just do yourself a favour and not do your head in and grab some. Top quality and anything to stop me cussing out loud!!! Great product Aussie Lure Buddies!!!! Fan for life!!!

Leonie W.

A great product. It makes carrying a rod with lure attached very safe. Not only lures but single hooks as well. I don't have to worry about my dog getting a hook in her mouth if I happen to leave a bit of bait on the hook.
Highly recommend...

Ron B

Keep your pets safe.

Endorsed by a real Aussie legend, Merv Hughes.